Figure/Tree Diptych, 2006

2 16x16" C-Prints / 2 4x4" Negatives

This is a pair of 16x16" C-Prints produced from large format 5x5" negatives, assembled from cut-up 35mm black-and-white negative film. This diptych is about the relationship that animals (humans more specifically) have with the world that created them. Humans evolved from the same dirt as everything else, but perception tricks us into thinking we are separate, different, and oftentimes superior. With this piece, the figure is sprouting up from the earth and the cities (in the left frame), in the same way, the tree is sprouting up from the earth and the forest (in the right frame). The two are presented as separate to the senses and are therefore perceived as such, even though their context is the same.

Winner of the Gloriana Gill Award in Photography and published in the 2007 Long River Review.